WIFI6 11AX 5400Mbps Wireless Ceiling AP

Model: WAP-9506AX

WAP-9506AX is a standard WiFi6 wireless AP, support WiFi6 protocol technology, 1G memory, 32MB flash memory, support intelligent wireless technology, support 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz dual-frequency wireless, wireless transmission rate of 5400Mbps, strong through the wall. Small and beautiful equipment, easy to install, does not affect the decoration style. The device is powered by POE in flexible deployment and can be centrally managed on the AC management platform. It can be widely used in hotel rooms, KTV rooms, school dormitories, hospital wards and other places. It integrates routing and wireless access points to provide users with excellent wireless network experience.

Supports flexible networking in various modes

AP mode: (Default mode) The device connects to the upper-layer network device through wire, and the client connects to the device through wireless, realizing wireless coverage.

Repeater/bridge mode: Multiple aps scan each other and add each other's wireless networks to complete wireless relay/bridge, realizing wireless network coverage and expansion.

Support for wireless access control

Supports access control of wireless terminal devices, such as limiting the number of access users and denying access to specified MAC addresses.

Support dual frequency concurrent technology

2.4G&5G dual-frequency concurrent, faster speed, access to more clients;

Support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax wireless standard, providing a wireless connection rate of 5400Mbps;

Multiple wireless anti-interference design, guarantee signal quality; Built-in omnidirectional antenna, effectively improve the coverage area wireless signal quality; The transmitting power is linearly adjustable and can be adjusted to adapt to different environments.

Supports 11ac MU-MIMO

Wave 2, which supports the new generation of 802.11ac technology, is equipped with the latest MU-MIMO technology to improve network capacity and spectrum utilization, meet the high traffic demand of video and other applications, and make WIFI application experience more outstanding.

Intelligent load balancing

In the case of high-density wireless users, the WayOS' AC controller is used to adjust the allocation of access services to different aps based on the number of users and data traffic. Meanwhile, the bandwidth usage of users can be improved by balancing the load on access terminals.

Security encryption, network protection

Provide encryption and security mechanisms such as WPA/WPA2 and AES to ensure network security;


AI Ally

The "AI Ally" platform is a scenario-based concept for centralized cloud management of devices. The device types include routers, firewalls, wireless aps, switches, and soft routes. There are also network topology, SD-WAN, scene report and other features.


Centralized AC management and unified remote delivery

By using the AC function, you can configure WLAN AP parameters, such as channel number, power, SSID, and VLAN allocation, in batches or independently. The WLAN controller can centrally process the AP parameters remotely. This reduces the consumption of local management resources and centralizes the management rights, improving the security and management efficiency of wireless networks.


Chinese SSIDs (Custom Language) are supported

It supports 5 Chinese SSIDs or custom language, each of which can be applied to different customer groups. The 5 SSIDs can be managed separately, such as user connection number and encryption. Clients within each SSID can be isolated. For example, you can select one SSID for internal employees and plan the other four SSIDs for different external customers.


High reliability

Reliable cooling system:

Materials heat: shell is made of high-quality material design, are more likely to absorb the temperature of the chip to produce;

Design cooling: low power consumption chip design, making the chip in the case of high load will also keep the equipment working in relatively constant temperature range;



Model Name

WAP-9506AX 11AX 5400Mbps Wireless Ceiling Access Point

Hardware Port

1*10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 PortSupport PoE),1*2.5G SFP interface





Reset Button

One reset button

Default Port


Network port rate

1*10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 PortSupport PoE power supply

Power supply mode

External 12V/1.5A power supply or 802.3at (standard PoE power supply)

Antenna Specs

Built-in 5DBI antenna

Housing type

Plastic housing

Default IP

User name & Password


Functions and characteristics

Wireless standard

802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (MU-MIMO)

Wireless rate

Up to 5400Mbps

Operating frequency

2.4GHz 5GHz

Operating mode

wireless AP, Router, bridge, repeater

Upgrade mode

Upgrade mode

Environmental Specifications

Working environment

Temperature 040

Humidity 10%-95% (no condensation)

Storage Environment

Temperature -4070

Humidity 10%-95% (no condensation)

Package contents

AP host, quick installation wizard, and warranty card

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