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WS-6015W 10G Managed Switch

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Outstanding Performance and Excellent Experience

New Generation Managed 10Gigabit Switch


●Link Aggregation    ●Port Isolation    ●Port Mirroring


Product Introduction

WS6015W series switch is Wayos new generation managed 10Gigabit switch, which provides multiple managed functions, including the management of system, ports, network, priority, VLAN, Trunk, ERPS, security. The device possesses 8 gigabit RJ45, 1 Gigabit SFP and 15 10Gigabit SFP+ ports, enable the network deployment flexible. The switch equips with 318Gbps high reliable backplane bandwidth, high performance chipset solution and high quality dual power supply, ensure the network work smoothly.


2 Input Power

 (built-in power supply)   Simple Installation   

Plug and Play


Excellent Heat Dissipation

There are many circle cooling holes in left side, guarantee switch has good heat dissipation when working, extend the service life.


Excellent Heat Dissipation

There are 2 circle fans in right side, working with cooling holes to ensure regular operation under high temperature.


Switch Linkage Function

Switch linkage is for Wayos switch (WS6015W) and Wayos gateway operating linkage. During the switch operation, it will report various information to Wayos gateway, then Wayos gateway will analyze and inspect according switch information and the data received, take the corresponding action and send some response actions to switch via user-defined interior protocol, so that switch can accomplish precise configuration for device.


Flexible Port Aggregation

All ports support link aggregation, maximum up to support 14 groups link aggregation, maximum up to support 8 port aggregation in each group, each member only can in one group. Thus the network bandwidth can be double, accomplish ultrafast data transmission.


Port Mirroring

Port Mirroring function can copy one port flow to another appointed port, which can help administrator to track the error and abnormal data packet under interrupted network condition, convenient for monitoring of the whole network flow security. It is widely used in public security monitoring system in cybercafé industry at present.




Security Defense

Security defense provides abundant security functions, accomplish IP+MAC+Port+VLAN binding, simultaneously supporting DHCP service defense, ARP broadcast defense and loop defense security function, valid to defend ARP attack, DoS attack and worm attack. Therefore, WS8028GX possess reliable security feature.


 ●Anti-virus    ●Anti-spoofing            ●Anti-hacker  

 ●Anti-attack   ●Broadcast Suppression    ●Anti-hijack



It provides multiple managed modes, achieving CLI Web and other managed modes. It supports TFTP upgrade in-band, humanized configuration interface and Chinese UI, easy for users operation, reduce the workload of administrator. Using for network debugging and optimization, and enhance surfing behavior management, ensure the network work smoothly.


Product Feature  

*Lossless Data Transmission     


*Adopt store and forward mode, auto-learning and update MAC address.


*Port Flow Control         


*Full duplex flow control and half duplex backpressure flow control, decrease frame loss rate under obstructed environment, increase switch port forwarding rate.


*Port Auto-negotiation   


*Port can automatic identify through line and crossover cable, accomplish the optimal route and high efficiency during data transmission.


*Intelligent Identification, Plug and Play


*Port auto MDI/MDIX, line rate forwarding, plug and play, no need to manage.


*Dynamic LED


*Provide simple working condition presentation, rapid to judge switch working state.



Hardware specification

Product Name

WS6015W 10G Managed Switch


8 x 1G RJ45 ports

1 x 1G SFP port

15 x 10G SFP+ ports





Power Supply

Duplicate supply

Input Power


Power Consumption




Case Size


Gigabit Combo(RJ45)


Gigabit SFP


10G SFP port


USB port




Software specification

Protocol Standards


MAC Address

Support 32k MAC address table

Support automatic updates, two-way learning


VLAN base on Port

VLAN base on 802.1q

Backplane Bandwidth


The storm Suppression

Broadcast Storm Control

Port Mirroring

Support data of multiple ports mirror to the destination port

Link Aggregation

Support up to 14 group aggregation, support  8 ports in each group

Looped Network Protocol

Support ERPS looped network protocol



Port Binding


IP Address Filtering


Four Element Binding

Support IP + MAC + RJ45 port+ VLAN binding

MAC Address Filtering


Loop Defense


Negotiation Pattern

Support port automated negotiation model

Security Defense

The DHCP service, ARP broadcast defenses

Release Upgrade

Online upgrade via WEB interface

Supervisor Mode

Through the WEB interface or the Console management methods

System Maintenance

Support WEB or Console method to restore factory Settings

Other specification

Operating Temperature

0 - 45 (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature

-40 - 70 (non-condensing)

Operating Humidity

10% - 90% RH (non-condensing)

Storage Humidity

5% - 90% RH (non-condensing)