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FBM-568G Gigabit Firewall Router

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Hardware specification

Product Name

FBM-568G Gigabit Firewall Router


High Performance Network Processor





WAN Ports

4 X 10/1000M Auto-negotiation RJ45 Ports

LAN Ports

1 X 10/1000M Auto-negotiation RJ45 Port

L (mm)


W (mm)


H (mm)


Input Voltage

 AC100V-240V 50/60Hz

Output Voltage

 DC 9V 1A

Power Consumption


Operating Humidity

10%-95% RH non-condensing

Operating Temperature


Storage Humidity

5%-95% RH non-condensing

Storage Temperature




Transmission Media

Category 5 cable,CAT-5e,CAT6

Software specification

Multi-WAN Access

Access 4 ADSL, optical fiber or different ISP route simultaneously

Multi WAN Features

Bandwidth Stack;

Routing backup;

Policy-base routing;

IP shunt;

Balance online machine number;

QQ black and white list;

Behavior management;

USB storage;

3G surf the Internet.

Port Switching

Can change into 4 WAN/1LAN or 1WAN/4LAN

Multi-subnet Setting

Support up to 5 subnets



Standalone speed limitation

Bandwidth Assurance


Time Management

Speed limited, access control, application restricts

PPPoE Server

Support 80 users

Web Authentication

Support 80 users

PPTP/L2TP Server

up to support 5 tunnels

PPTP/L2TP Client

 √(Support VPN Piggyback Line)

DHCP Server


DHCP Advanced Function

Support to allocate multi-segment IP,Gateway allocation, DNS

PPPoE User Expire Reminder

PPPoE Online User List

Annunciate Function

(Support user-defined or URL skip)

Authentication Host exception


Surfing Behavior Management


Website Classification


Website black and white list


QQ black and white list


Domain Name Filter


Domain Name Redirection


URL Redirection

 Especially for Baidu, Sougou and other popularize users

P2P Software Restriction

BT, thunder, eMule, FTP, Super Cyclone, Vagaa, http multithreading

IM Software Management

QQ, MSN, Fetion, Aliwangwang

Online Video Management

QQlive, PPlive, PPS, UUSee, Qvod, Flash video,KuGou

Plug and Play

ARP Defense

Auto-defense, one-Click to binding, ARP spoofing log

ACL Access Rule

 √(Peculiarly to support ACL control of domain name)

Maximum online machine number


Online machine number management


Port Mapping


DMZ Host


DDNS dynamic domain name resolution


DDoS Attack Defense

All kinds worm virus, fragment,SYN, DoS flood attack

Static Router


VPN Penetration

L2TP/PPTP/IPSec penetration

Network Remote Wakening


System ResourcesState checking


Online IP Flow Analysis


WAN port connecting type


System Log

Access rule log, attack log, PPPoE log, system log

MAC Address Clone


Access Mode

WebUI/Telnet/SSH support remote access and upgrade

Parameter Backups

 √ (support separate the PPPoE user information, access control, ARP information backup)

Upgrade mode

WebUI/TFTP upgrade

Other specification

Default IP Address 

Initial account/password


Default DHCP Server

Turn on

Default DHCP Address Pool

Default WAN connect mode






Language Option


Quick Install Guide


Cat5e Cable


Power Adapter


Warranty Card


Accessories List


Control Mode

 Web UI/Telnet/SSH

Amount of Actual Machine

80 units

Warranty Deadline

3 years(After the first year of free maintenance, free labor service for the other two years)

Remark 1:√ means support the feature, Future means the feature is being finished.

Remark 2: We reserve the right to amend product specification.